Image: YouTube/Boram Tube ToysReview.

Kids these days…

A six-year-old South Korean YouTube star famous for her toy reviews recently bought a property worth a whopping €7 Million.

The social media star known as Boram and her parents have bought a stunning house in Gangnam, one of Seoul’s most prominent areas with earnings from the child’s two channels – a video blog and a series of toy reviews – have more than 30 million subscribers.

The five-storey building was purchased up by the Boram Company, set up by the girl’s parents, according to The Maeil Business Newspaper.

Boram’s videos are described as: “Making play and a fun kids’ playground video…cute and rewarding memories of everyday life”.

And they make her an estimated monthly income of €2.6M, crazy stuff.

This video below called ‘Boram has a cold’, has over 330 million views alone…

Boram isn’t the only child YouTuber making a ton of money from toy reviews.

In 2017, Forbes’ annual list of the world’s highest-paid YouTube stars included six-year-old Ryan Kaji the face of Ryan ToysReview channel, who earned more than €12 million that year.