Tourists strutting around in their bikinis is upsetting the locals and impacting the area’s quality of life.

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Yes, if you have your flights booked to Sorrento, Italy you may want to think about what you have packed in your suitcase.

Holidaymakers could be fined up to £425 (€500) for wearing a bikini in the popular tourist town.

The mayor of Sorrento has said those showing their bare chest and wearing bikinis damage the image of the beautiful destination on which it prides itself.

The mayor of the resort town has also claimed that tourists strutting around and exposing their skin were upsetting the locals and impacting the area’s quality of life.

The ban is also stretching to those who walk around the streets shirtless or in other swimwear.

To enforce the ban Sorrento Municipal Police officers will be patrolling the streets on the hunt for people who are topless or in their bikinis.

But this is not the first holiday destination to enforce this type of law.

In Barcelona and Mallorca, you could land yourself in a spot of bother for wearing a bikini or swimsuit in the wrong place.

Here you are allowed to wear your swimwear at the beach but if you continue wearing your swimwear in the town you could face paying an extra few bob that you didn’t intend to.

The fines in Spain could cost you up to £254.