Are you fond of doing this?

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Love having the few snacks when working from home? You’re not the only one.

It seems working from home has people turning to the biscuit tin.

New research has found remote working plays havoc with people’s diets as they snack on more indulgent foods like chocolate and graze between meals.

People working from home typically snack on average 1.9 times a day.

The Mail says the study by Compass Group Ireland also found remote employees work longer hours than their office-based colleagues.

77% of Irish people surveyed say the food and drink they consume has a direct impact on how they feel.

Meanwhile, two out of five workers say they will carry on working from home for ever.

And nearly 6 out of 10 say working from home makes them more productive.

That’s according to YouGov who say employers are facing challenges of getting staff back to the office.