Close to 34 thousand domestic abuse disclosures were made to Women’s Aid last year.

image via Pixabay

The organisations support workers heard 33 thousand 831 disclosures of domestic violence including coercive control.

The figures are contained in the Women’s Aid Annual Impact Report which revealed there were 28 thousand and 96 disclosures of abuse against women and 5 thousand ,735 of child abuse.

Chief Executive of Women’s Aid Sarah Benson said Covid had an impact on the significant number of women who reported assaults with weapons; constant surveillance and monitoring; relentless put downs and humiliations.

‘Covid 19 definitely exacerbated circumstances for victims and survivors of abuse unfortunately this is a pattern that keeps repeating itself and we know our numbers are just the tip of the iceberg.  During 2021, there was a startling five thousand seven hundred and thirty five disclosures of child abuse in the context of domestic violence.’