These are the important questions in life…

Are there more wheels or doors in the world?

It’s a debate which has gone viral recently on Twitter after one user posted the question alongside a poll.

Twitter user @NewYorkNixon said he was having a debate with his friends about whether there are more wheels or doors in the world.

(Images: pexels)

To settle the debate, he took to Twitter and asked the people of the internet their view, and after 223,347, they got their answer…kind of.

Turns out most people reckon there are more wheels than doors in the world.

We’ve seen several arguments on both sides, and here are some of our favourites.

Team Wheels

  • @Widerife81 says “Very solidly wheels. All cars have 4 wheels but 2-4 doors. An average home might have 6-10 doors but it also has 3 suitcases with 6-12 wheels. A collection of toy cars might have 400 wheels.”


  • @lilyfranklin13 says, “Who is voting doors??? There’s wheels on everything. I have wheels on my garment rack, makeup storage holder, rubbish bin. It’s definitely wheels.”

Team Doors

  • @PastoerAlexLove Doors says “Doors by far. Most things with wheels have at least a 2:1 door-wheel ratio, and then you have all the other doors in the world.”


  • @MathewDaubney says “In my household there are 29 doors (including fridge, cupboards, washing machine, tumble dryer and car) Got 4 wheels on my car and the hamster has a wheel, can’t think of any more wheels I’m saying doors”

Above all though, this one tweet wins:

So, which team are you on?