There’s a nifty little hack to help you pour your cooking oil

One of the most nerve-wrecking things to do in the kitchen is pouring oil.

And yes, you may have a fancy glass oil pourer – but if you don’t we have a hack that will do the same job.

All you need is a teaspoon of oil and the next thing you’ve a whole bucket of oil in the pan.

Fear no more, one TikTok user has shared a video on how to stop so much oil coming out of the bottle.

Posted by MamaB, aka @chaldomom, the demonstration shows her opening a big bottle of cooking oil with the caption:

‘Like seriously TikTok is awesome for teaching me something I didn’t know’.

@chaldomom #tiktokideas #learnedfromtiktok ♬ The Git Up – Blanco Brown

Most of us will take off the screw top and then pull the tab straight off.

But you may want to hold onto that little tab – as we’re throwing away the key to sensible cooking.

If you take that same part, turn it upside down and place it back into the bottle – it’ll control the volume of the oil and force it to trickle out, rather than trying to free-hand the usual pace it comes out.

Amazingly, the video has had 1.2 million likes with more than 7,000 comments.

One asked: “Urgh!!! I should’ve known about this a long time ago, it would’ve been helpful. Why doesn’t it say that on the bottle?”