What else would you be searching for?

A new study is revealing the top 10 most searched online topics and the things we have most likely all asked the wise old internet.

Data also showed that 17% would feel ashamed if friends and family knew what they looked up online.

They also found 40% of these worry about sharing the daily thoughts they have.

While 4 in 10 respondents said they don’t want others to see their history.

37% say it reveals a side of them they don’t want to share. 26% would be ashamed if people knew of their mental health struggles.

26% are embarrassed of their lack of knowledge and 25% are not proud of their physical problems.

Half of those surveyed said they don’t want to share their internet habits would be most shy of showing their parents.

While parents ranked as the people we would be most embarrassed about seeing their unfiltered search history, partners followed closely behind for 40%.

The research also revealed 38% would be most embarrassed if their friends saw what they had searched for online.

Top 10 Searched Topics On The Internet
1. Finding out the weather
2. Looking for directions
3. Finding out the meaning of certain words
4. Weight or height conversions
5. How to make a certain meal or drink
6. Diagnosing a physical illness
7. Tips about finance
8. Where to go on holiday
9. Cures for a physical condition
10.Cinema listings and times