The University of Limerick has asked all students who are soon to graduate to send in a recording of how to pronounce their names.

This is to avoid any mistakes in the ceremony, particularly for international students or Gaeilgeori.

The university’s using an application called Name Coach, which is also used by schools, hospitals and colleges in America.

Ceremonies Manager with UL, Aelish Nagle, says it’s a big help especially with international students’ names.

Speaking to RTÉ’s Drivetime this week, UL Ceremonies Manager Aelish Nagle said that all Irish universities should do this out of respect and that the move ensures Irish names are pronounced correctly as well as international students’ names.

The students can make and send the recordings using the Namecoach app, which is used by 90 per cent of universities in the USA, as well as in schools and hospitals

Ms Nagle revealed that student feedback was very positive.


(Source: University of Limerick/Facebook)