Keep your eyes peeled for this rare opportunity

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Tonight you will be able to see Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon – which is an extremely rare occasion.

On Tuesday, November 21st the two planets will align with the Moon to create what Astronomy Ireland describe as ‘the most incredible event of the year’.

The good news is, the weather looks set to be in our favour to get a good look at the sky.

Met Éireann predict a mainly dry night with just a little cloud and a small bit of drizzle.

To celebrate the occasion, Astronomy Ireland are hosting an event at their headquarters in Dublin.

Astronomy Ireland’s David Moore explains what to expect:

“Well, if you look to the right of the moon you will see a fairly bright star, that’s actually Saturn and if you’ve got a giant telescope it’s transformed from just a ‘star’ to a huge glow, nine times wider than the earth and of course those rings that we’ve all seen photographs of but to see it live is a completely different experience.”

Saturn is visible until about 10:30 pm and should be visible to anyone, but if you want a closer look at its details you’ll need binoculars or a small telescope.