Sligo. Image shows the back of a

The Minister for Equality says there needs to be a change in how an Garda Síochana deal with Travellers.

Roderic O’Gorman’s comments come following the publication of a large-scale report on their relationship with the justice system.

The University of Limerick study found 91 per cent of the Travellers surveyed feel disrespected by Gardai, while many also feeling as though they’ve been racially profiled.

Minister O’Gorman says the criminal justice should follow guidelines set out in the National Traveller and Roma inclusion strategy:

“I think we need to see an change in the approach of an Garda Síochana. I chair the National Traveller and Roma inclusion strategy which is about addressing prejudice against Travellers across all elements of Irish society, an Garda Síochana is part of that.”