Tourists are warned to ‘avoid crowds and exercise safety precautions’

Image via (@newschambers)

A number of countries have issued travel warnings for Dublin following the riots last week.

The disturbances followed a stabbing incident outside a school on Parnell Square on Thursday afternoon.

Britain’s Foreign Office is advising its citizens coming here to avoid any protests and to follow the advice of local authorities.

The UK Foreign Office said: “Following a knife attack on 23 November, there has been unrest around the centre of Dublin. There has been, and may continue to be, some disruption, including to traffic and public transport. You should avoid any protests and follow advice of local authorities.”

Australia has warned further disruptions could occur, while Canadian authorities are asking tourists to monitor local media.

The US Embassy said it “is monitoring reports of potential continued demonstrations in Dublin” and advised American citizens travelling to the city to “monitor local media for updates, avoid crowds, avoid demonstrations and be aware of your surroundings”.

A similar warning came from the US when American Stephen Termini was attacked in July.