Tom Walker reveals plans for cave tour & new single ‘Burn’


Tom Walker. Press Image
Tom Walker, the acclaimed singer-songwriter known for his candid and heartfelt music, is back with a powerful new single, “Burn.” In this song, he takes aim at the challenges he faced, including self-doubt and record label pressures. In a recent interview with iRadio’s Louise Clarke on The Hub, Tom  shared his journey to creating this defining track and the exciting news of an upcoming Irish tour in April. Let’s dive into the story behind “Burn” and his upcoming tour.

A Resilient Comeback

“Burn” is not just a song; it’s a rallying cry from an artist who has experienced both the heights of success and the depths of frustration. Tom Walker’s career has been marked by achievements like a Number One album, a 2019 Brit Award, and the international hit “Leave A Light On.” However, the road to “Burn” was far from smooth. After experiencing immense pressure, criticism from his record label, and feelings of exhaustion, Tom contemplated giving up on music altogether.
In his own words, “I had just done seven days of rehearsal in a row, straight into a UK tour, then into 2 weeks of writing, worked my arse off every hour, of every day for months. When the powers that be came back having a dig at the songs I’d poured my heart and my soul into, I absolutely lost it.” It’s evident that “Burn” is a reflection of his frustration, with lyrics that reveal his inner turmoil and determination.

A Rekindled Passion

Tom Walker didn’t give up. He headed to Los Angeles to collaborate with talented musicians like the McDonough brothers, Ryan Daly & Castle. This journey helped him rediscover his passion for music and the excitement of trying new things. The result is “Burn,” a song that showcases his songwriting skills accompanied by dynamic production, propulsive rhythm, and vivid soundscapes.

Watch ‘Burn’ (Official Lyric Video

“Burn” at Its Core

In “Burn,” Tom Walker’s emotions are laid bare. He sings, “I gave you my blood, my sweat, my tears / And all you ever did was leave me here / Set me on fire cause you love the hurt,” with intensity and a hint of defiance. The urgent, hammering beats and a towering chorus make it clear that he’s been pushed to his limit. Interestingly, this song, born from a low point in his relationship with the record label, is the very track that the label demanded as his comeback single.

Irish Tour in 2024

In addition to the release of “Burn,” Tom Walker has exciting news for his Irish fans. He announced an Irish tour set to take place in April next year. This is a fantastic opportunity for music enthusiasts to experience the power and emotion of “Burn” and his other captivating songs live in concert.