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Nearly two thirds of Tinder users are already in a relationship.

New research suggests people are using the app more for entertainment purposes rather than dating purposes.

Anyone who’s spent time on Tinder will be familiar with the process of swiping and matching.

But now there’s a good chance that match already has a partner of their own.

New research suggests people are increasingly using the app as a distraction, or simply to shop around.

Dating Expert Frances Kelleher says people have been doing this long before Tinder emerged:

“People would go out of a night to socialise, maybe without their partner, maybe with their partner and and they’re still having that eye out looking to see what’s available in Love Land as it were.”

The research found many people still remain active on dating apps, despite not even looking for a date.

Meanwhile Tinder in 2014 said that they never intended it to be a dating platform, but rather a social discovery platform. So maybe people are finally using it for it’s intended purpose?