Start off the New Year on the right foot!

Photo via Unsplash

After all the Christmas parties and spending, January can be a very boring month.

However, we want you to enjoy January and start on a positive note.

We have some cheap but cheerful ideas to help you improve your January.

  1. Hike/Walk

Most people take fitness phases in the New year and give up a few weeks in.

Going on a daily walk is the perfect balance to keep up in the New Year.

Why not turn it into a little day out?

You could do your favourite route or even go hiking somewhere close by.

Get a coffee on the way home and it could be a cute little date, a catch up with friends or just something for yourself.

A daily walk is a great way to clear the head and feel more productive in 2024!

2. Try out new recipes 

Sick of spending money on takeaways or eating out?

Experimenting around the kitchen can be a fun hobby in 2024.

Cooking and preparing meals is a great way to watch your spending in January.

Pick a recipe you have always wanted to try, turn on your favourite playlist and start cooking up a storm.

BBC good food have great recipes you can get some inspiration from.

It can be healthy dinner for yourself , a sweet treat to share with the family, or a date idea to share with a loved one.

3. Paint and Prosecco 

Painting is a therapeutic and fun hobby to take up in the new year.

It’s something you can do by yourself, with your friends or with your significant other.

You can get some paint supplies in your nearest discount store and pick up your favourite bottle of bubbly.

Of course you can opt for a cup of tea or whatever alternative you prefer.

Turn on some tunes and start painting!

It’s creative, relaxing and a lovely date idea.