We’re all guilty of this…

We’ve all been there…you’re in the midst of a beautiful dream, then without any warning you’re rudely awakened by one of the most dreaded sounds in society, the alarm.

It’s only natural that you’d want to lean over and hit snooze for another 10 minutes, as you try and ignore the fact you have to get up for school, work or college.

You may not realise it at the time, but in hitting snooze you’ve already made your first mistake for the day …

According to Columbia University Assistant Professor James E. Gangwisch, Ph.D., the snooze button is doing us more harm than good.

Speaking to Tech Insider, he paints an all to familiar picture, of someone who has to be up for 8am but sets their alarm for 7.30am, knowing that they’ll be able to snooze their alarm three times before they have to get out of bed.

Gangwisch warns that instead of gradually waking a person up, this actually cuts down on the total amount of sleep a person they get.

He explained how we sleep in cycles of about 45 minutes, and we’re not able to get through that whole cycle in those 10-15 minutes of snooze time.

He advises people to set their alarm for the time you actually have to get up and force yourself to get up at that time.

Sadly, this is easier said than done…