Getting more than you bargained for…

Image: ABC

Two thieves took off in a man’s car with his son still inside after turning up to give it a ‘test drive’.

The dad, was trying to sell his car on Gumtree and had a response from a couple who said they wanted to try the car out before handing over with any cash.

The man, agreed and sat in the blue 1998 Subaru WRX with the couple, while his little boy was in the back.

After a spin around the block they arrived back at the seller’s house and asked if they could swap seats.

However, as the seller tried to get into the front seat, the male suspect put his foot on the petal and sped off, while the five-year-old boy was still in the back seat next to the woman.

The startled dad attempted to follow the couple in another car, and the suspects left the boy off unharmed on the side of the road, about 300 metres away.

Police are now hunting for the couple and the car in Adelaide, Australia.

The car’s owner said he was ‘scared for his life’ during the robbery and that he had struggled to sleep that night.

 The man said: “They could do anything… if they had a gun, they could shoot other people.

“I haven’t seen people like this before.”