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The Health Minister is resisting calls to fly back to Ireland from the UN to deal with the Temple Street scandal.

Stephen Donnelly is attending further health summits in New York today.

He’s is facing pressure to return to Ireland to lead on this but says he’s keeping on top of it and contacting everyone involved from New York.

He’s still looking for answers at to how unathorised equipment was used in spinal surgeries at Temple Street and the investigation into the incident has been widened.

The three coalition party leaders have backed his stance and decision to remain in New York.

Here at the UN he’s attending a conference on the rollout of universal healthcare today while climate elements of UN week continue, with Minister Eamon Ryan attending.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar remains in the US but has flown to Miami to officially open the new Irish consulate there before he returns late tonight to New York.

He’s brushed off concerns about the climate impact of flying for just a 20 hour stay in Miami despite the issue being such a hot button topic here – with even Eamon Ryan saying these things shouldn’t descend into a moral quiz.