The survey was commissioned by Aviva Life and Pensions Ireland.

A survey has recently found that women are less likely to get sick pay.

According to, just 8% of men say they won’t get sick pay from their employer if they have to stay off work for an extended period.

But for women, almost double say they will not receive sick pay from their employer, at 15%.

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The survey, commissioned by Aviva Life and Pensions Ireland, found that the security of knowing sick pay is available is an important issue for employees.

It also discovered that women that have access to sick pay tend to use it sooner after the policy is taken out than men.

While over the last five years, the average time from taking out a policy to making a claim for women is six years.

And men make a claim on average 11 years after an income protection policy is taken out.

The iReach Insights survey found that just one third of employers will fund long-term sickness support.

The study also discovered that more than half of workers would prefer to have their income protected rather than a salary increase.

55% of men would choose an increase in salary over an income protection policy.

That’s compared with 41% of women.