Don’t let the boss find out!

Well, is anyone really that surprised?

A new survey has shown over 95% of employees use company time to ‘stalk’ their ex’s online.  And women are the worst offenders.

The survey of 3,000 office workers found that they use social networking sites like Facebook and twitter to spy on what their ex-partner is up-to.

Of those surveyed, a whopping 98% of those who confessed were women.

The reason behind the social media detective work varies from those longing for a second chance to some admitting to just being ‘curious’ – moving on to a new relationship didn’t seem to stop the snoopers.

One person even spent 4-hours a month scrolling through feeds for a glimpse into their ex’s life – while the overall average was 1.5 hours a month.

Employment firm, were the ones responsible for the findings.