Roscommon. Image shows blue Garda lamp outside a grey stone wall.

(Source: Pixabay)

There’s been a falling out between US tourist Stephen Termini and his sons.

Mr Termini spent weeks in hospital in Ireland following an attack on Talbot Street in Dublin over the summer.

His sons launched a GoFundMe in order to cover the costs of coming to Ireland to visit their father, raising over 130,000 euro.

Paul Healy, Crime Correspondent with the Irish Daily Star says there are now claims that Stephen’s sons are allegedly withholding the funds from him:

“I found Stephen Termini yesterday and he divulged to me that his son Mike, who ran the GoFundMe campaign wasn’t speaking to him, wasn’t answering the phone and didn’t appear to be giving him any of the money that was raised.”

“Mike is saying, from his perspective, the money was never his father’s to claim. The money was, in his view, to raise funds to get himself and his brother over to Ireland, to pay for his travel and accommodation.”