The Mayor of London has ordered a review.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is setting-up a review looking at landmarks in the city to make sure they represent its diversity.

The move comes after protesters in Bristol tore down a memorial to a slave trader at the weekend.

Speaking to British broadcasters on Tuesday, Mr. Khan said:

“It is an uncomfortable truth that our nation and city owes a large part of its wealth to its role in the slave trade and while this is reflected in our public realm, the contribution of many of our communities to life in our capital has been wilfully ignored. This cannot continue …

“The Black Lives Matter protests have rightly brought this to the public’s attention, but it’s important that we take the right steps to work together to bring change and ensure that we can all be proud of our public landscape.”

The mayor didn’t state which statues exactly may come down, saying it would be a matter for the new commission.

However he said there were clearly statues commemorating slavers in the capital.