While 2 in 3 believe you can’t put a price on happiness, the current climate is taking its toll.

image via pexels

As a nation of ‘huggers’, we’re prone to seeking out joy by snuggling up to our loved ones.

But how are we meant to get that same feeling when we’re on our own?

In Ireland, 59% of people agree you can’t put a price on happiness, however with dark nights upon us,  it might be time to start thinking about how to find joy this winter.

According to research by Meridan Nut Butters, 74% of our nation are ‘huggers’ and the key to happiness this Winter may be a good spoon.

Having a laugh with a friend, a boogie, and exercising can also release those happy hormones provided by spooning.

Cuddling also supplies a quick hit of serotonin, but for those who are lonesome this Winter, The Nut Butter company has also found a tablespoon of peanut butter can have the same effect.

Over half of people also said snack foods and sweet treats make them feel good and happy.

Emma Kenny, T.V psychologist and presenter says:  ‘The human body is absolutely incredible, and there are small actions that we can all take every day to get the best from it. We instinctively know that spooning with someone makes us feel better’.

‘As we encounter quite a depressing time of year, it’s something we could definitely do with right now’.