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Add some sparkle to your January!

It can be a bleak and financially difficult time of year for most people.

So, we have put together some ideas for a cheap and fun night in with your family and friends.

  1. Games night 

A games night is a fun way to bond with loved ones.

Blast the tunes, get the favourite snacks and enjoy the fun and laughter!

You can stick to the traditional card games or board games.

You could get your grove on and have a dance off, or a karaoke night for some extra giggles.

2. Bring a board night

This is a great idea for a fun night in with your friends!

You can get creative and bring whatever board you like, here’s some ideas:

  • Cheese board
  • Chips n dips board
  • Sweets board
  • Fruit board
  • Pizza board
  • Slider board

3. DIY spa night 

A spa day can be a a pricey one, buy not if you have one in the comfort of your own home.

You can purchase some face masks, lip oils, body lotions and hair masks in your local pharmacy.

Light your favourite candle and turn on a relaxing playlist!

Use all your products and relax whatever way you like.

Whether it’s having a snooze, having a glass of wine, or watching your favourite movie.

4. Movie night

This is a popular one but for good reason.

A movie night is a simple and fun night in to share with the family.

Get the microwave popcorn ready and make yourself comfy.

Whether it’s a rom com, scary movie, or a family favourite, watch whatever you’ll enjoy!

5. Have a video game marathon

Get competitive in a fun way!

Whether it’s Mario Kart or Just Dance, have fun with your family.

Make up all the snacks and battle it out!