A new collective has been launched in Galway which aims to take the pressure of consuming alcohol out of the equation of socialising in the city.

Sober Sallys has been set up to help people to meet new friends and hang out away from a drinking environment.

Faye, who set up Sober Sallys told us:

“I was honestly growing tired of never having anything to do other than drinking! I’ve just had one too many nights where I just want to catch up with friends and end up stumbling in the door at 2am and waking up with a splitting hangover.”

She realised the demand for the collective was there after chatting to friends and realising many felt the same way.

“My main aim with Sober Sallys is to provide that social aspect for people in Galway, that you really can’t find outside of pubs.”

Faye says she hopes to eventually branch out to other areas in the country but for now you’ll find Sober Sallys on Instagram below: