Image via Pixabay

If you’re worried your small dog might be undermining your masculinity – think again!

A new study by researchers in Spain has found women are more attracted to men with small dogs, because it makes them seem less “intimidating and threatening”.

The survey asked nearly 300 female college students to rate a series of pictures, showing a man or woman either walking alone or with a dog.

The Mirror reports:

“In response to the images, the women were asked to rate how intimidating and threatening they thought the people included in the image were, with the results showing the women felt more at ease with the people walking dogs – no matter whether it was a well or badly lit image.”

When the results were correlated, researchers found:

“The current study has shown that the small-sized dog prompts more positive emotional reactivity and higher levels of safety than the medium-sized dog in most emotional contexts, pointing out that emotional and safety benefits from dog presence might also be related to size,”