Your sleeping position reveals your personality traits!

Image via Librestock

It seems your sleeping position can also reveal more about what you’re like as a person.

According to Jagran Josh, Samuel Dunkell has done some research and compiled it in a book called ‘Sleep Positions: The Night Language of the Body.’

The book reveals what your sleeping position says about your personality. 

If you sleep on your side you’re apparently nurturing, compassionate, caring, and can strike up a conversation with anyone. 

Sleeping on your back means you’re confident, independent, self-assured, and you avoid conflicts. 

Snoozing on your stomach suggests you’re sensitive, emotional, impulsive. and a ‘straight to the point’ type of person.

If you sleep in the fetal position, it means you’re shy, introverted, insecure. and you may have a desire to be protected.