Shrinkflation is coming for the family favourites!

Getting value for money might not be your prime goal when buying Christmas presents, however if you are planning to snap up the usual Christmas chocolates, it pays to check what you are going to get for your cash.

Well-loved Christmas chocolate treats are set to decrease in size in an effort to keep costs down.

Shrinkflation is set to hit iconic festive treats this year such as Tins of Roses and Quality Streets.

The chocolates are set to be downsized by around 10 per cent, in an effort to reduce the cost of production.

Quality Street tubs are set to shrink from 650 grams to 600 grams, and Roses from 660 grams to 600 grams.

The Irish Daily Mirror reports that market analytics firm Mintec, says the price of milk has risen by 108 per cent in the past year, while sugar and cocoa beans have gone up by 35 and 9 per cent respectively.