Irish shoppers are planning to spend €400 on average this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Photo by from Pexels

Most Irish shoppers don’t trust sale prices displayed in stores.

That’s according to a survey from the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission  (CCPC) which shows 61% of the people in Ireland do not trust retailers on whether the discounts displayed in stores and on websites are real.

However nearly 40% of people say they are likely to make a purchase during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.

Among shoppers likely to make a purchase this year, the level of distrust was 49%.

Gráinne Griffin, CCPC director of communications says it’s clear that Irish consumers are wary of discounts:

It’s clear from our research that consumer confidence in the legitimacy of advertised discounts is very low.

Only 35% of consumers trust that discounts or pre-sale prices displayed during sales are accurate.”