Reports this morning suggested some Oireachtas staff members are left with no option but to sleep in their cars.

Taoiseach. Image shows Mícheál Martin.

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One TD from the west of Ireland found it impossible to get a hotel room in Dublin in recent months.

Fianna Fáil senator Eugene Murphy described how he’s slept in his car in order to avoid driving late at night after the Oireachtas sits.

Senator Murphy says an increase in the number of tourists and business people, and the accommodation needs of Ukrainian refugees – is putting pressure on room availability.

But Mícheál Martin doesn’t believe it’s happening a lot.

“I don’t think its a widespread phenomenon to be frank about it.

“But clearly tourism has rebounded as we saw from figures this morning.

“So a very significant recovery in terms of the tourism sector.

“There is always pressure in a city like Dublin in terms of accommodation

But I don’t think there are too many TD’s  sleeping in cars. ”

There are now more than 30,000 Ukrainian refugees in Ireland, with more than two-thirds being housed by the State.

Mr Martin said the vast majority of people in Ireland are proud to be supporting people who are fleeing the war.

“My experience has been a very warm response by the Irish people to the people of Ukraine

“And an understanding of the terrible circumstances the people of Ukraine find themselves in,” he said.