After an image from last weekends car meet went viral from the organisers from Salthill Sunday’s confirmed a return this weekend.

Last weekend, organisers faced backlash from residents in the Salthill area following the event.

Iain from Galway Culture told iRadio:

“We are not trying to cause hassle, we are not trying cause anyone any pain. We just want to enjoy our weekend and time together”

In a post on Facebook Salthill Sundays said:

“Quick message regarding the comments and hate we have been getting.

We will not be responding to mean and hateful comments, ye have put us down but believe us when we say it,
You have motivated us to make a change.
We will not be stopping our Meets/Events until we get what we all car enthusiasts want,
Which is a Venue that will accommodate us all without your pettiness and complaints.
We are working hard to secure us a location to host our Meets and for us to enjoy our time”
The Hub spoke to organisers of the event and car enthusiasts about the events back lash, this is what they had to say: