What will they make next? A robot that makes our dinner?


The popular robot mop ‘iRobot’ has already dazed us with itsmechanical skills.

Getting an AI powered device to do any sort of household chore is mind-boggling.

But now, the company that brought the robot hoover is bringing you – the robot mop.

The new ‘Roomba Combo J7+’ will have a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop for all your cleaning needs.

It works with a pair of arms built into the device that pulls down a mop pad to the floor.

It washes away debris or mess left on hard floors but will detect when it’s on a carpet (mad, we know).

There’s little to no maintenance involved, according to iRobot, with just a bag change needed every 60 days.

What’s it going to set you back? It’s not cheap, a Combo J+7 is retailing for just over €1,115.

So it might be time to say goodbye to the mop and bucket if you’re willing to pay a four figure sum for this bad boy.