A new service will allow people to rent a Christmas tree for three weeks – and then give it back.

christmas tree

Image via pexels.com

People can rent a tree for the festive season, then return once Christmas is finished.

Colm Crowley, who is making pot-grown trees available to Cork-based customers, says it cuts down on waste.

Christmastree.ie is once again offering pot grown Christmas trees to rent and to buy.

It’s an eco-friendly choice that allows people to take home a living tree for Christmas and give it a life beyond the end of the festive season.

He says people who get real trees can find it difficult to dispose of them when they’re taken down.

Colm says the rented trees haven’t been grown in a field:

“It’s always been a pot, it’s been growing in a pot from the very beginning from a bare root, so it’s whole life really is in a pot”