The world is divided into two types of people: those that like pineapple on a pizza; and those who don’t

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After years of slamming ham and pineapple pizza – Gordon Ramsey has controversially added it to his own menu.

In his appearance on ‘The Nightly Show’, Ramsey told his audience ‘you don’t put pineapple on a f**king pizza’, and originally told his Tik Tok following that pineapple does not belong on pizza.

He used his hatred for the Hawaiian pizza to raise funds for a children’s hospital in the U.K, by vowing to eat the pizza on a Facebook live if the fund received 500+ donations.

The cut- throat Celebrity Chef lost out to the public who were generous with donations and ate the pizza saying ‘The only thing Hawaiian about this pizza is that I would love to drop it in the ocean’

Hawaiian pizza was invented in 1962 when a Greek restaurant owner in Canada tried out a pineapple topping to attract customers to one of his restaurants in Ontario.

The fruit pizza topping sparked one of the biggest debates in food.

The Celebrity Chef was forced to eat his words as he shared his news that pineapple on pizza is now available on the menu of his restaurant.

He uploaded a video of his reaction to the pizza being made in one of his restaurants and captioned it ‘Pineapple #Pizza In my own restaurant…..#StreetPizza noooooooooooo ????’ 

@gordonramsayofficial Pineapple #Pizza In my own restaurant…..#StreetPizza noooooooooooo ???? #ramsayreacts #UpYourStreet ♬ original sound – Gordon Ramsay