Porridge, a delight for some but difficulty for others.

image via pixabay

According to a survey by Quaker oats, more than half of people say they struggle to make porridge.

With the seasons changing and the cold Winter mornings coming, people need to get on the cosy goodness a bowl of porridge brings.

The two ingredient dish has proven to be a difficult task for people create according to the Quaker survey.

The survey found that 16 per cent of people have experienced a messy microwave explosion, with 31 per cent saying they’d eat porridge more often if they knew how make it properly.

The poll also found 22 per cent say they can’t figure out the right ratio of oats to liquid.

Experts suggest using a 2:1 ratio with liquid to oats to create the best consistency.

Easyfood.ie say the best way to make porridge is by adding a pinch of salt and using different liquids such as a fruit juice or water.

The World Porridge Making Championship returns this Saturday, providing opportunities for people to pick up a few tips to perfect their favourite oaty dish.