A piglet is doing well after coming through a rehab and alcohol detox programme in Germany.


Image via Pixabay

A piglet in Germany is back to full health after going through a rehab and alcohol detox programme.

The pig, named Eberhard, was rescued after being found living in poor conditions in a flat in Germany, where his owners fed him crisps and only gave him wine and spirits to drink.

He was placed in an animal shelter in Lippetal, North Rhine Westphalia, where he underwent a detox programme designed to ween him off alcohol and nurse him back to full health

In Germany, people are legally entitled to keep mini pigs.

There, the law considers them farm animals and each pig kept must be officially registered with the local veterinary office.

Also within 14 days of purchase, the owner must also register the pig with the ‘Animal Disease Fund’ (Tierseuchenkasse), which regulates the compensation paid for certain animals if they die due to epidemics.

Pig farmers who fail to register the animals, however, are personally liable for a fine of several thousand euros.

They must also be registered with the central database for pigs and, if kept as a pet, be insured either by the owner’s private liability insurance, or by a special pig liability insurance.