Over 300 people are expected to contact Pieta’s crisis helpline this Christmas Day.


Image via Pixabay

The national suicide prevention charity is expecting over 300 calls on Christmas day.

The number of people reaching out to Pieta is set to rise by 15 per cent this December, exceeding 10,000 calls and texts.

The charity is appealing to people to light a candle in their window at 7 o’clock this evening and reach out to a loved one, as part of their ‘Hope Over Silence’ Christmas campaign.

Pieta CEO Stephanie Manahan says it can be a very tough time for many:

“Instead of a sort of moment of silence, we’re encouraging people to actually reach out and talk to one another”

“Check in with a friend, check in with a neighbour, family member, and see how they’re doing”

If you or someone you know needs help, you can contact Pieta with their 24 hour freephone crisis: 1800 247 247.