The guide aims to increase awareness of gender stereotypes

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Parents have been told to stop telling their daughters they ‘look pretty’ or calling them a ‘princess’ or ‘tom boy’.

The advise comes from one of Britain’s largest nursery school groups.

A Bright Horizons‘ created a ‘woke’ handbook to urge parents to ‘reflect’ on how they raise their daughters.

The guide aims to increase awareness of gender stereotypes.

Chair of the Federation of Early Childhood Providers, Elaine Dunne, says parents opinion is what is most important, not a business’ view.

Ms Dunne added, “I would hope and I would presume that the parents were surveyed before this was put in the handbook. 

She explained that if this is something that would come in the future, the first group of people she would ask is the parents that use her services.

The Daily Mail report that a former Tory Education Minister said that is its “daft advice from Bright Horizons”.

He added that the advise “will darken the horizons of little girls who cannot be called pretty or dress up as princesses, and simply enjoy their childhood the way girls have for generations.”