The Public Accounts Committee will meet today to discuss an alleged failure to provide payouts to families who were illegally charged for nursing home stays.

It comes as controversy continues over an alleged government strategy that denied refunds to families who were wrongfully charged fees.

Opposition parties want the Government to release the documents associated to a so-called “secret strategy.”

It’s been reported members of the current Government were aware of the practice, but a spokesperson says the story has been misrepresented.

“Morally corrupt social policies” have left many families in debt, according to an older person advocacy group.

Yesterday, the Taoiseach said he “must have been aware of the strategy”.

Majella Beatty is the CEO of advocacy group Care Champions – she says many families got into debt to cover illegal nursing home charges:

“Families have been struggling so much in order to pay their nursing home bills, making massive sacrifices.”

“People trying to pay for their parents care in nursing homes while also trying to pay mortgages and other household bills and it’s left families in debt.”