The study was carried out by Friends of the Earth.

The number of families that weren’t able to heat their homes doubled in the past year.

A new report by Friends of the Earth found energy poverty is on the rise.

The group is calling for changes to the Fuel Allowance payment, saying it should be available year round.

It’s also calling for the government to do more to help families struggling to meet their energy bills.

Global fuel prices have increased significantly last year as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Research and Policy Analyst with Social Justice Ireland, Suzanne Rogers, says bills are causing stress for families on limited incomes:

“The mental health aspect as well of worrying about putting the heat on, worrying about the bill coming in.”

“If you’re on a pre-pay meter worrying that the credit is going to run out before your money does.”

The group says reforms to retrofitting grants are needed to help lower income households better insulate their homes.