Can you answer all these questions without google?

Quizmaster Dave challenged Fionnula, Sharron and you to a live quiz on-air! In case you missed it, here are the 9 questions that were asked!

Answers at the bottom of page

Round 1 – Losers only, please!

Q1 – Geographically speaking, if Louth is the smallest county in Ireland, what is the second smallest? (by size)

Q2 – If the River Shannon is the longest river in Ireland, what is the second-longest?

Q3 – Name 2 counties or teams that have never won a senior (male) all Ireland football title.

Round 2 – Music

Q4 – Abba won the 1974 Eurovision song contest, but with that song?

Q5 – Hit Me Baby One More Time was released by Britney Speers in 1998, but what age was Britney when the song was released?

Q6 – Name the Irish song that has spent the most amount of weeks at the number one spot on the Irish Charts!

Round 3 – Credit Union Quiz Questions

Q7 – How Many Months DO NOT contain the letter R?

Q8 – The Chinese Zodiac contains 12 creatures e.g. the rat, the rabbit and the goat. What is the only mythological creature to feature?

Q9 – 32 degrees Fahrenheit is the same as how many degrees Celsius?

Round 1
Q1 – Carlow
Q2 – The River Barrow
Q3 – Any 2 counties from this map that are in white would be acceptable answers

Round 2
Q4 – Waterloo
Q5 – 16 years of age
Q6 – Bill Whelan – Riverdance spent 18 weeks at the number one spot in 1994

Round 3
Q7 – 4 Months (May,June,July,August)
Q8 – The Dragon
Q9 – Zero Degrees Celcius

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