Plans for teachers to mark their own students’ Senior Cycle assessments as part of new reforms have been suspended.

Image via Twitter @NormaFoleyTD1

A study into the impact of AI on the education system is to be carried out by the State Examinations Commission first, which means assessments will be marked externally.

Two new subjects will be added to the curriculum from 2025 – Drama, Theatre and Film Studies, as well as Climate Action and Sustainable Development.

Education Minister Norma Foley says it’s her hope that teachers will be able to mark their own students, but adds this study has to be completed first.

‘I think it’s quite remarkable that when we were discussing this a year ago, chat GPT, AI was never part of our really, it is now.  For us not to embrace it and harness it and be aware and trained in it’s challenges if you like would be short sighted in the world of education.’