From Scarlett Johansson to Marty Morrissey, Niall Horan has met them all!

Niall Horan is a true Irish success story, ‘Heartbreak Weather’ is Niall’s first UK Number 1 album as a soloist. and It also sits at Number 1 on the Irish Album chart.

A few weeks ago when close contact, hugs and handshakes were still socially acceptable, Dave & Fionnuala from The Lift on iRadio had an opportunity to sit down with Mullingar’s finest, and everything from dates to Marty Morrissey to his impressions came up in conversation.

Fionnuala –
In terms of the latest single, No Judgment. When I listened to it, the first question that popped into my head is that you’re promising this person no judgment, right? That’s your promise to them, but what would you judge a potential date for doing?

Niall Horan –
Usually the moment One Direction is mentioned I’m zone out.  Or even now I’m getting the nice to meet you thing where people come up to me and go, “aw Jesus hi nice to meet you.”

Dave –
We were practising not saying that to you but also being polite when we were meeting you.

Niall Horan – 
I’ve had to stop it, too. It’s my own fault. I should’ve just called the song ‘disappear’ or something like that. I mean it would’ve been a lot easier.

NIALL HORAN in conversation – LISTEN BACK

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