The study comes from the New England Journal of Medicine.

There’s new evidence to suggest that speaking, and not just coughing and sneezing, can spread COVID-19.

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine has found tiny droplets that come out of the mouth while speaking can be infected with the virus.

Luke O’Neill, Professor of Immunology at Trinity College Dublin, believes the research proves everyone should be wearing a mask.

”The original idea was that you wear a mask to protect another person from coughing”, Prof. O’Neill said.

”But now the fact that you can breathe the stuff out, you’ve got to wear a mask, and this science absolutely supports that”.

”We need a scientific basis for claiming things and that’s why these studies are so good”.

A further 38 deaths and 1,068 more cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the Republic of Ireland on Wednesday evening.