Researchers found people pleasers are easier targets

A new study has found that those who go the extra mile in their job, are more likely to be exploited by their boss.

Employers are more likely to take advantage of loyal staff members because they are seen as easier target, according to the study conducted by Duke University.

These employees normally worked longer hours, did things that were not in their job description and brought work on holiday with them.

Researchers said this is an unhealthy dynamic and creates an atmosphere of “self sacrifice to the organisation as a whole”.

They warn that being too dedicated to the job can backfire on employees and have negative consequences for their career and home life.

Most companies rely on staff who are loyal, but this study suggests many bosses abuse staff dedication.

The Daily Mail reports that researchers said: “Managers presume loyal workers are particularly likely to do this extra work as loyalty comes with an expectation of self-sacrifice to the organisation as a whole.”