New PACE labels will show how much physical activity we must do to equal calories in given food products.

Sourced on Pixabay.

Scientists are recommending food labels show how much physical activity we need to do to burn off the calories in that product.

Researchers from Loughborough University in England say it would be easier for consumers to understand and therefore it would have an impact on obesity.

The label, called a physical activity calorie equivalent label (PACE), informs consumers how much walking or running they would need to do to equal the calories contained in the food.

For example, a soda containing 138 calories would take 13 minutes of running or 26 minutes of walking to burn off.

University professor and lead author of the study, Amanda Daley believes many people don’t understand the concept of calories:

“PACE labelling has the added benefit over other types of labelling by having the potential to both nudge us to think about what we eat and also encourage us to be more physically active.”

It’s hoped that this new addition will make people more aware about listings of grams of fat.