Could this be the next Love Island?

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Have you been wondering what to do at 9pm every evening now that Love Island is over?

Well, Netflix is releasing a new dating show which could be the perfect replacement.

But, the show does have an extremely weird twist.

The title may give it away – the show is called Dated & Related.

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Netflix have previously created successful dating shows like Love is Blind and Too Hot To Handle – so, we do have high hopes.

The show will take place in “the most romantic country in the world” – France.

The project will see a series of hopeful bright young things who are looking to find love.

But the twist is…if you’re looking for love, you will be accompanied by your sibling, who are ALSO in the market for a relationship.

Would you be comfortable with your sibling watching you make romantic moves?

Or even worse are you ok watching your brother or sister flirt?

The new show kicks off on Friday, 2nd September – so you won’t have too long to wait.

You can watch the trailer below: