Ugh oh, if you’re a serial napper you might have to cut back on the shut-eye..


A new study by the American Heart Association has shed some light on our napping habits.

In new analysis published this week, those who nap more have a greater risk of high blood pressure or a stroke.

Those who took naps most days saw a 24 per cent increase in the likelihood of having a stroke.

12 per cent were more likely to be diagnosed with hypertension, which puts you at risk of heart disease.

It found that those under the age of 60 were at the most risk of developing higher blood pressure.

A correlation was found between regular nappers and smokers, as well as nappers and daily alcohol consumers.

Previous sleep studies have found that naps should be limited to 30 minutes or less for best practice.

It also found sleeping with lights or a TV on could lead to ill effects over time.