It’s good news for garlic bread lovers too!

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We’ve all got our go to Nando’s order but maybe now it’s time to push the boat out.

That’s because Nando’s have added five new items to their menu.

The new showstopper is called the ‘Garlic Churrasco Burger’ and it’s good news for garlic bread lovers as the flame grilled chicken thighs are sandwiched between two slices of crispy, garlic buttery bread.

Image via Nando’s

Also in the new burger is pickled red onions, mixed salad leaves and the limited edition ‘Smoky Churrasco PERinaise’.

There’s something for the pasta enthusiasts also, as Nando’s have launched the ‘PERi-Mac & Cheese’ with a garlicky PERi-PERi crumb.

A warm chocolate pud, a leafy green salad and the ‘Smoky Churrasco’ sauce make up the new additions.

Image via Nando’s

The new menu is available from today (November 29th) at all Nando restaurants in Ireland.

A list of restaurants in the country can be found here.