Time for a move?

Do you ever think what life would be like somewhere else? Somewhere where the scenery is stunning, the quality of life great and crucially you can run your own business or set one up with lots of support.

Mayo is the place you’re thinking of.

The county is bursting with opportunity for people in business.

There are business hubs to work from, great infrastructure, accessibility, quality of life for singles and families alike, amazing scenery and vibrant towns to relocate to.

Mayo also offers the ideal work/life balance, something that so many miss out on working in other parts of the country.

You’ve got a strong entrepreneurial community to base yourself in, and when you’re not working there are a whole host of internationally renowned amenities and attractions to enjoy.

There’s plenty of support out there too, all the business hubs you could be using are listed on connectedhubs.ie

And you could get a huge boost to your big move too! Mayo County Council in partnership with the Halo Business Angel Network is offering €10,000 to a business big or small that comes to Mayo with their business or to set up a business.

All you have to do is make the move. There is no better time to make the change.

Live the life you deserve.

To show you how easy it is, iRadio is going to Move to Mayo.

Join us from the 23rd of August as we explore everything Mayo has to offer, from unbeatable facilities to incredible experiences.