Treat your mum to something different?!

What did you do for your mum on Mother’s Day? Did you buy her flowers and chocolates? Do the washing up? Bring her out for lunch?

Or did you bring her to see men take their clothes off in your local pub?!

That’s exactly what happened in the UK city of Middlesborough.

The Woodman Arms bar in the Normanby area held a special free daytime stripping event for Mother’s Day, but it didn’t end well.

The Sun reports around 100 mums went to the Woodman Arms to see the male performers at 3pm, but police had to be called hours later to try and get the women under control.

At around 10:30pm, officers discovered around a dozen women brawling in the carpark.

Speaking to The Sun, one of the strippers named Johnny Hunter – who ironically was dressed as a policeman – said that as he went to go on stage a doorman told him:

“They are wild in there — you’ve seen nowt like it.”

Johnny added: “I thought it was strange having strippers that early. It was rowdy. They were cheering and screaming and whistling.”

Police arrested two women at the scene. The pub’s refused to comment.

Cover images and images in post via The Sun